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*2022 STOKE Ambassador applications are unfortunately closed at this time. Applications for the 2023 STOKE Ambassador Team will open up on Nov. 1, 2022. We look forward to your application!*

Become A STOKE Ambassador

At STOKE, we believe the food you eat should help you accomplish your goals, not be a detriment. That is why we set out to make products that are not only formulated to support optimal physical and mental performance, but are also super nutrient dense, whole food based (clean ingredients only!), anti-inflammatory focused, and tasty. We truly want to help people perform at their best and accomplish their goals.

Are you someone who is passionate about eating clean, living an active lifestyle, accomplishing goals, and fueling to optimize physical and mental performance? If so, we are looking to build a movement of people who share our mission to “STOKE The Fire’ of people around the world, and would love for you to join! 

Below are the details of the STOKE Ambassador Program along with the application to join:

STOKE Commitment To Ambassador:

1. STOKE Welcome Package (STOKE Trio Pack of Choice, STOKE T-Shirt, STOKE Sticker)

2. Personal Discount Code - 20% Off STOKE Website (Personal Use Only)

3. Public Discount Code - 10% Off STOKE Website For Customer, 10% Commission On Sale For Ambassador. (Code Is Good Once Per Customer) 

Ambassador Commitment To STOKE:

1. Public Discount Code Used At Least 2 Times Per Quarter (Every Three Months). 

Suggestions For Success:

1. Social Posts

2. Tell Friends & Family

3. Wear Your Shirt - Swag

4. Yell From Rooftops